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What is crowdtesting ?

Crowdsourced testing helps organizations to test software, apps, websites before releasing them publicly. Organizations can harness the power of public testers to assess and refine, to greatly improve the quality before release. Also, they can hear the real voice of the public.
Crowdtesting: test apps and websites with real testers
Crowdsourced testing is a very important tool for startups and smaller organizations. It can greatly lower the burden of developers that smaller organizations are encountering because of their limited resources. Also, crowdsourced testing can provide many more testers and devices allowing more complete tests for those organizations.
Usually, applications and websites are tested by developers, and very often issues found are technical and not the ones ordinary users will find. Crowdsourced testing can provide a fresh and objective eye with real world opinion. This improves the quality greatly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is crowdtesting?

Crowdtesting is a method of testing software and mobile applications by utilizing a large, diverse group of testers. This allows for a broader range of testing scenarios and device types, resulting in a more thorough and accurate testing process.

What services does ACTIYON offer in crowdtesting?

ACTIYON offers various crowdtesting services, including functional testing, UI and UX testing, and compatibility testing. Our platform allows you to access a global network of testers, enabling you to test your solution on a wide range of devices, browsers, and operating systems.

Can I select specific devices for my crowdtesting project with ACTIYON?

Yes, you can select specific devices for your crowdtesting project. Our platform allows you to select the types of devices and operating systems you want to test. This ensures that your product is compatible with your target audience's devices. You can also select testers based on their location, device, and language.

Can I select specific testers for my project?

Yes, you can select specific testers based on their location, device, and language, but also many other criteria such as profession, education, professional or non-professional background in testing, etc. At ACTIYON, we have a global network of testers that have been carefully vetted and qualified based on their skills and experience. This ensures that your product is being tested by people who are most likely to use it in the real world.

How does ACTIYON's Crowdtesting process work?

Everything is self-managed. Select your devices, and filter your testers by age, gender, profession, testing skills, CSP, and many other criteria. Then, create your test process, set a calendar, and testers' rewards. Here we go! Your test is ready.

Can I test my website with ACTIYON's crowdtesting services?

Yes, our crowdtesting services can also be used to test websites and mobile apps.