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Actiyon: testing platform with real testers


Actiyon: testing platform with real testers


Actiyon: testing platform with real testers




The Artist Academy共同設立者
"Actiyon is the ideal solution to test your website!

Our collaboration with Actiyon has allowed Fasylity to gain in user performance thanks to unique tests and a very professional feedback.

It's a cost-effective solution for a start-up like us and avoids the need to hire web developers. Thanks to their community of skilled testers, it has allowed us to improve and fix bugs in our website and Actiyon’s platform is easy to use."
Fabienne Palmas
Co-founder - Fasylity
"Actiyon platform has provided us with extremely rich feedback from users on our site. We had never had it before in such a precise, detailed and objective way.

Testers’ reports allowed us to discover points of improvement and we were able to re-examine our website to make it more engaging, review layouts and make the navigation more fluid. This qualitative research gives us a detailed understanding of how people perceive our marketing message and allows us to uncover unexpected flaws.

Traditional qualitative studies have always been reserved for very large companies due to the extremely high costs involved. The service offered by Actiyon, which is very affordable for small and medium-sized companies, changes the situation in a more than significant way."
David BarchmannCEO Sogedicom